100 Activity Points

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What is 100 Points Activity?

How to get 100 points in GTU in the first year of college easily without any pressure and load before going into Strategies look some overview on basics of GTU 100 activity point

GTU has created these 100 activity points Gujarat technological university in order to prepare the students to match this multi-skill requirement

Importance of GTU 100 Activity Points?

Importance of GTU 100 Activity Points?

Minimum Point Requirement

An undergraduate Engineering student must obtain the following minimum activity points as an entry-level in B.E. course as shown below

How you can Achieve 100 Points?

#1 Activity Point from Bridge Course

#2 Activity Point from Technical / Research Skill

#3 Sports and Cultural

#4 Community Outreach and Social Initiatives

#5 Innovation / IPR / Entrepreneurship

#6 Leadership / Management

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